best fucking day of the week. the day when most good things happen
so saturday I got with this chick, smoked some really good weed, met up with some old friends, and later on went to sleep feelin' warm with that same chick watching some movie at her place.
by chriSM January 19, 2004
1. Any saturday during which you must take the SAT. A very common occurence around springtime.

This definition only applies if there is emphasis on the SAT portion of the word.
"I can't party with you Friday, I have a SATurday this week."
by JKMcL March 11, 2009
A nickname given to a woman who in gages in heavy drug use and loose sexual conduct on a daily basis. The term is used in stead of the woman's actual name because it is said that she parties like it's Saturday everyday.
billy: "did see saturday today ?"
rog: "na, why?"
joey: "because she smoked 2 blunts,riped 4 lines ,drink a half a bottle of wine, got fucked and then said she had to leave to go to the doctors."
mike: "hahaha... i think i love her"
by fat scum March 03, 2008
SAT ur day is the day between Friday and Sunday, on which you take the SAT.
*1*: Dude, wanna go out and grab some lunch on Saturday?

*2*: No way, it's SAT ur day for me.
by ConsPopov July 10, 2008
The BEST day of the week! Most people seem to like Friday. Now, think about it. People like Friday because it's the day before the weekend. However, what if it was Friday everyday? Doesn't seem like much, huh?

On the other hand, Saturday is the best because the whole day is free and you don't have to worry about anything the next day like Sunday, so you can stay up all night.
It's Saturday Night Fever, not Friday Night Fever!
by BusinessMan February 06, 2005
1. A way for guys to say that a girl is hot without any girls ie: co-workers, girlfriends, or just friends, knowing about it

2. day of the week
Guy 1: Yo saturday
Guy 2: where?
Guy 1: over there man
Guy 2: damn...deffinetly a saturday
by tursi May 21, 2005
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