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Historically, satanists really were people who believed in Satan. They thought that he would grant them powers that allwed them to do "what ever they wanted".
Today, satanists are those who admire tonly them-selves and think that they are the only ones who are praise worthy for their "unique" being and the world revolves around them.
-Today's "satanists" are actually very simple and close-minded people who worship egoïsm and egocentrism.
(If those people had money, they would be called "capitalists", but alas, since they are poor, they are often confonded with "anarchists")- think about that one.
-Historical reference: see "Louis XIV", also defined in this dictionary.
I personnoly do not believe in God or Satan. I believe in the Light. For that is real and without it no life is possible.
-Everyone ows his/her existance to It. (reference in this dictinary as well0
also see "Life" and "Death"
by Axis October 04, 2004
One who worships Satan.
( It does not mean you listen to heavy metal and such. You can listen to pop and still worship Satan.)
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
Main Entry: sa·tan·ism
Pronunciation: 'sA-t&n-"i-z&m
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Date: 1565
1 : innate wickedness : DIABOLISM
2 : obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically : the worship of Satan marked by the travesty of Christian rites
- sa·tan·ist /-ist/ noun, often capitalized
hail the evil one! hail satan!
by jacob scott December 06, 2004
fags that are so fuckin scared they can't even accept theres a God. Thet think some huge ass explosion a gagillion years ago somehow created everything in their body, on Earth, and in the whole fucking universe to work out as perfect as it does. (how the stars revolve, how our body and animals bodies work so perfectly, etc.) Also, the kind of people I LOVE to beat thew living fuck out of with my friends. satanists also make metal look evil, even though all the Satanic bands suck major ass except 2, Slayer and Lamb Of God.
christian: God created you. get over it.
satanist: no he didn't! A big explosion made me from some dirt and dust!
Christian:Really? a blast of fire also created all your organs to work in unison with each other?
satanist:yeah! Theres no way some higher being made me, even though thats more plausible than EVERYTHING on earth and in space being created by an explosion!
Christian: go masturbate to yourself then if you love you so damn much you stuck up bastard!
satanist: how'd you know I jack of to me? holy shit! are you God?! I BELEIVE NOW!
by CowboyFromHell April 02, 2008