A beautiful girl who has changed my life, I love her so much!!!
Also the mustard on my turkey sandwich!:)
Friend: Hey is that sashia?
Me: No thats the mustard on my turkey sandwich!
by a-hole McPants fall down October 28, 2009
A girl with big boobs
wow its sashia *stare*
by preddyboi May 21, 2009
an extremely hot, exotic-looking girl. usually some sort of a ethnic jumbalaya. has a beautiful smile and great sense of humor...especially when she has thrown back a few drinks. not as strong of a drinker as she thinks so can typically get very wasted quickly. do not trust around drinking games or drinking shots.
wow, that girl is a sashia!

friend: daaaaaaamn. sashia is wasted. how many has she had?
me: two.
by m dizzle the martian March 20, 2010

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