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short for "sardy" "sardacious" "mmm sardy"

1. a word commonly used by young bros and brahs to describe an phenomenal act/feat of coolness, hotness, awesomeness, & greatness.
Bill: Yo Randy I just got back from a sall weekend gettaway to Vegs and didn't stop drinking for 72 hours and f'd like 5 random dumpsters.

Randy: Sart.
by Brody Hasselhoff June 15, 2010
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A silent fart. Usually more foul smelling than an audible fart. S-ART.
Shit, step away, I just sarted and it's gonna be rank.
by sloan14 March 17, 2005
Singing At Random Time Syndrome. This "disease" is most commenly found in woman, more specifically, moms.
A was talking to my mom about hamburgers when she suddenly burst into song, a knew then that she must have SARTS.
by WaffleCohn May 12, 2011
When you S#!t trying to sneak out a Fart

Oops.... I need to check my Drawls on that one. Might be a sart
by ThatDudeRico May 14, 2008
A sex fart. More often than not unplanned, but a formidable tactic when mastered. When combined with a good wolfbag it can produce the most insane orgasm ever.

If attempting this with a senior citizen, a stain resistant acrylic is recommended on the walls.
"I was fucking Vicary up the poo when the fat slut decided to jump on top. She must weigh close to 300kg cause she pushed the biggest sart out of me."
by Drew Christx May 02, 2006
An expulsion of gas through the rectum.
It smells like a garbage pail egg sart in here.
by Vic July 22, 2003

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