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A game you can play with your friends. One person hides, and the other friends split up and look for that person. If they find the hiding person, they have to hide with the hiding person until everyone is hiding in one place. The last person to find the hiding group is the loser and is the next hider. This game is especially fun in malls or stores such as Wal-Mart.
Hey Fran, let's play sardines!
Okay, but remember it took us an hour to find Jeremy in Wal-Mart last time!
by KarTails October 24, 2009
Bus which is made for 100 passengers, filled up with 150 passengers.
Can you move a lil bit, please?

Where, man, its sardine!!!
by toba-cco January 15, 2010
A person from Portugal or of Portuguese descent
Sardines love to fish
by Steve Rot May 29, 2005
A move on a trampoline in which the trickist jumps high into the air, turns his/her body level to the ground, and stiffens out. When he/she hits the ground he/she flops around like a sardine.
Logan did this sick sardine the other day at my house
by Tex Harris May 09, 2005
The ship name for Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle in Girls Aloud..
'did you see that Sardine moment?'
by LilHardcore February 24, 2013
when your eating out an older lady and her clit falls into your mouth and is salty like a sardine.
I was eating out Andy Clark, From 23 main street, grandmother and her clit fell off into my mouth and I ate all of it's salty goodness, like a SARDINE.
by Juddy Smith December 22, 2004
A game you play with your friends where you go ring a doorbell, stand on the porch, stoop, etc. and pose. You're not allowed to speak to the person who opens the door, you just stand there. The last person standing at the door is the person that wins.
Hey, let's go play sardines
by taylahhhh! April 18, 2009
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