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An ugly ass actress whos face resembles a horse.
Man 1: Hey look! There's a horse walking on the sidewalk!

Man 2: No dude, I think that's Sarah Jessica Parker...

Man 1: OH, I can't tell the difference.
by Awkward Panda July 10, 2011
24 9
An ugly, useless, odd-eyed, actress, who is terrible at almost everything she does publicly. Her voice and reaction in acting is that of a 5 year old's. Her scream is terrible and very threatening. She is also getting older and older and older every hour of every day. It is believed she gets plastic surgery and Botox behind the eyes of the media.
Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse. Her head is shaped like a foot too!
by Raine tones August 13, 2011
29 15
A horse-like creature that lurks in the gated communities of Los Angeles. Also used as a reference to horses.
I'm so hungry, I could eat Sarah Jessica Parker!
by harygdl13 August 17, 2012
10 5
Someone who dines endless hours on weekdays with her friends and sits in her apartment at night in a wife beater, lacy underwear and manolo blaniks writing a column that doesn't give readers any information just gives them a new question to contemplate. So basically in the real world there is no Sarah Jessica Parker!
Sarah Jessica Parker should be removed from the urban dictionary because these words don't have a definition!
by jazzyblues October 07, 2006
82 131
sjp is fuckin gid.
she doesn't look like a horse. and she isn't ugly.
sarah jessica parker looks like a horse.

no she doesn't you wank
by jzshirra February 14, 2009
44 172
A person who enjoys being a girl.
I was totally a sarah jessica parker, when I was trying on those Manolos.
by Justin Cooper November 06, 2005
101 319
The best actress ever who plays Carrie Bradshaw on the best series every made called "Sex and the City"

Very pretty and has the perfect body.

Has amazing fashion.
Sarah Jessica Parker is an amazing actress
by Emahlee November 30, 2006
92 383