The opposite of an attractive female.
" I hate to say this but you're ugly.....Sarah Jessica Parker ugly, sorry "
by Bill Abnovsky August 21, 2006
A cougar with a propensity to be a dirty whore with no ability to be sexually attractive besides her cheeks which look like they're permanently giving BJ's. It resembles a cross between a bad sex change and a horse.
Sex change really turned him urr her into a Sarah Jessica Parker.
by Sandra Di March 28, 2008
A materialistic bitch who looks like she has a horse face.
Holy crap! That horse looks like Sarah Jessica Parker!
by The Strange Duck May 28, 2005
A bizarre experiment of a horse and a giant human foot. Believed to be from the same laboratory as the "ear mouse". Unfortunately despite several years of attempts, wrapping expensive clothes only pronounces her foot like facial features.
God I hope Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't make another terrible mov-oh wait, I'm too late. Sorry guys.
by Mr Hibbert February 03, 2010
One-time actress from sex and the city.
Sarah Jessica Parker recently won an award and she thanked everyone including family, friends and her lawyer(?) before bursting into floods of tears, boo-hoo. She has a horse face, which would be ok (on a horse), but then there is the mole, big, juicy, throbbing and sweaty, it isn't attached to her - she is attached to IT........
by clairem May 30, 2007
An unsightly, cheap prostitute that resembles a horse.
Man, I think I got horse AIDS from that $20 sarah jessica parker last weekend!
by Gary Jonston April 30, 2008
1. A transvestite moose looking celebrity who needs to take acting lesson and is hated by most people mostly the south park writing staff.
1. I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in Have You Heard About the Morgans, she needs to learn how to act.
2. Wow look at that moose shot it ow crap that was Sarah Jessica Parker.
by gangasta123456789987654321 June 02, 2010
a horse
Sarah Jessica Parker is a horse - scientific fact
by August 31, 2011

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