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Sarcism is what you use when you don't want to use your brain, or simply don't have one
14(10Y2DAZZ14) Yeah thanks for the saracism. 14/ 14(10Y2DAZZ14) use your brain next time not your saracism.
by Skyrider February 26, 2005
7 33
Saracism is improper use of the English language. Yet, it is proper use of linguistics, as it is a colloquialism made famous by Y2DAZZ (aka. Not Mentaly Retardation). It is most frequently used to convey ironic wit intended to wound or ridicule.
"Wow The Saracism Is Off The Scale!!1oneone"

"Yeah thanks for the saracism."

"use your brain next time not your saracism."
by Michiel Sikma February 26, 2005
38 20