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Taking someone's bag of bread when they aren't looking; farting in it, and sealing it back up.
Man, I hope that guy makes a sandwich with the Sara Lee I left him... and contracts dysentary.
by Ryan Harline October 12, 2007
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A name brand company which sells food products which not that many people like anymore, and can in the right stores have an outrageous price for selling their goods; usually not worth buying unless your willing to put alot of money in for food that is just okay or even crappy.
Instead of the slogan "Nobody doesn't like sara lee",
it really ought to be "Nobody likes sara lee".
by Phaenixdrools December 21, 2006
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bread lady, generally a very fat chonga, and stupid, and they may have graduated from mast academy.
Hey saralee why are you such a friggen chonga you fat ass.
by wheaton<3 August 18, 2006
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