A mix of safe and wassapnin all in one. A word that we all should use, appart from hippies
guy: Sappnin Steff
steff: Yer mum's appnin
by Steff Steff March 09, 2005
Top Definition
The combination of the common phrase "What's happenin'?"

person #1: "hey how are you"

Person #2: "sappnin?"
by ChristinaRose447 January 05, 2006
Greeting to your mate.

The equivilent to "Whats happening?", "Whats Up?" Etc
Often used as a greeting between friends in Wales, especially in it's capital, Cardiff.
Ken: "s' appnin' Bruce?"

Bruce: "Not much slugger, you got summut for me?"

Ken: "Well, ......."
by Dave Chowmein January 28, 2008
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