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primarily teh name of an amazing band from OC cal. (well, most of the members are from CA anyway..) saosin is a chinese proverb, meaning small heart.
show yo booty hole is a great rap song.
by zai December 06, 2004
84 41
Pronounced (Say - Oh - Sin)
*Saosin is a band that started out in Northern California, And are signed by major label company - Capitol Records.
* Cove Reber - Lead vocalist
* Beau Burchell - Guitarist and Vocals
* Justin Shekoski - Guitarist and Vocals
* Chris Sorenson - Bass guitar and Vocals
* Alex Rodriguez - Drums
Former Members:
* Anthony Green - Vocals
* Zach Kennedy - Bass
* Pat McGrath - Drums on Translating the Name
* Philip Sneed - Fill-in vocals during the 10th Vans Warped Tour
After the Release of their first EP - Translating The Name, the lead vocalist Anthony Green Left and joined Circa Survive.
This was good because saosin did not need him. AG was a raging heroine addict and would bring the band down.
A Public Audition was held, and Cove Reber Was Selected. He in many peoples opinios is a better vocalist.
The Band Saosin is the shit!

All you circa survive fanboys need to stfu and stop talking about AG.. No one gives a fuck about him anymore, so quit posting shit on YouTube about AG.

Cove > AG
by Terry Bitch December 05, 2006
51 56
The WORST band ever behind only The Black Dahlia Murder... Lead Singer Cover Reber whines like a little girl
Saosin mkaes my ears hurt.
by Brad j1005 November 20, 2006
8 62
A movie ripping group that releases videos from DVDs and theaters on the Internet.
You get that new release from Saosin yet? They did a good job ripping that movie.
by refuze May 23, 2005
27 120