Pronounced (Say - Oh - Sin)
*Saosin is a band that started out in Northern California, And are signed by major label company - Capitol Records.
* Cove Reber - Lead vocalist
* Beau Burchell - Guitarist and Vocals
* Justin Shekoski - Guitarist and Vocals
* Chris Sorenson - Bass guitar and Vocals
* Alex Rodriguez - Drums
Former Members:
* Anthony Green - Vocals
* Zach Kennedy - Bass
* Pat McGrath - Drums on Translating the Name
* Philip Sneed - Fill-in vocals during the 10th Vans Warped Tour
After the Release of their first EP - Translating The Name, the lead vocalist Anthony Green Left and joined Circa Survive.
This was good because saosin did not need him. AG was a raging heroine addict and would bring the band down.
A Public Audition was held, and Cove Reber Was Selected. He in many peoples opinios is a better vocalist.
The Band Saosin is the shit!

All you circa survive fanboys need to stfu and stop talking about AG.. No one gives a fuck about him anymore, so quit posting shit on YouTube about AG.

Cove > AG
by Terry Bitch December 05, 2006
Top Definition
melodic hardcore band from so cal. they are one of the best bands out there.
i saw saosin last night with avenged sevenfold.
by mike January 03, 2004
A screamo/post-hardcore band from Orange County, California. The original lead singer, Anthony Green, left the band in early 2004 to pursue his new project Circa Survive in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anthony was replaced by Cove. As of early fall 2004, Saosin has begun touring and working on their follow-up to the Translating The Name EP.
I love the band Saosin. The lyric "Don't say that I'm the one you want to lose" really gets to me.
by Too Clear October 02, 2004
The sickest drumming to have ever graced my ears.
Lost Symphonies
by matt March 04, 2004
An awesome post hardcore band that hits the spot.
I've see Saosin three times, and they put on a great show every time.
by Tana April 11, 2005
They're kind of like Coheed and Cambria, but heavier and edgier. Anthony's voice can go from growling screams to high notes in a flash. Drums sound like machine guns and the guitar work is sick.
Saosin broke the stage when I saw them.
by Scot November 21, 2003
here is a quote from former singer Anthony:
"It’s pronounced SAY-OCEAN. And it’s a Chinese proverb from the 15th and 16th centuries. It means “small heart”. Fathers used to marry off their youngest son's for money and used to tell them that they weren’t marrying for love, that their wife doesn’t matter. She could die at anytime so don’t get attached. They had to love with caution and raise their sons to be cold and unfeeling as well. I found it in the 8th grade and loved it, I used to name all my old bands that and write songs about it."
Hoes is hoes, Saosin, my little pimp.
by SickboyPunkRock April 30, 2006
The californian hardcore, amazing voice, beautiful drumming, and it also is an old chinese proverb "Small heart" the fathers used to tell their sons to keep their heart small and don't get attached to things because you can lose them anytime.
When i heard saosin i wet my pants
by sih! April 28, 2006
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