Short for the name "Santiago"
a hispanic-american boy with light skin
athletic, yet has a musical side
is shy at first but has an amazing personality
thinks like a guy but acts like a gentleman
sometimes messes around with friends

but always makes time for his girlfriend
is very intelligent, but has a funny side
his smile is infectious, it makes everyone around him smile
most of all, has a clear goal in his life
Santi is the best friend anyone could ever ask for
by TheLovelyLAdy April 18, 2011
In Italian language "santi" is plural of "Saint Peter".It comes from old latin "santus-santi"..
In italian language Santo (singolare) Santi (plurale)
In spanish is the same "Santo Domingo"..means "The saint of Sunday"
or the Saint of Lord..because The Lord is called also "Dominus -e" from latin..
"santi" is plural of Saint like "Saint Peter"
by Nyuu Nyuu puff June 25, 2010
it means "peace" in the Panjabi (Punjab) and Pali languages, and is a shortened version of 'santiphap' of Khmer and Lao languages and 'santipap' of Thai
People want santi not war
by Haveasoda February 17, 2009
A name that you call a really hot guy you see in public and want to show to your friends without drawing attention.
Guys there's a Santi over there!
by Alivia M January 25, 2008
a horny guy who always has a boner and plays with it in front of everybody. he shows off too much with his body and stands naked in front of his clear glass door. = ]
*santi puts on porn*
*little brother looks up from psp*
*santi says*
"whoah. i did not know i was watching that"
by Aaron Cagon March 26, 2008
A common nickname for a funny friend. A derivative of Santiago, the name Santi is used by said persons good friends, and will likely spread to all of the people that said person knows. Soon, said person will become Santi, ridding himself of his family given name, in favor of the coolest nickname of all time.
A funny person is a santi
A person who enjoys great atmosphere is a santi
A person who makes funny noises is a santi
A Santi can turn it on, if you know what I mean
A Santi can turn it off when he wants too.
Adam T. Siska's The Academy Is... obession that no one understands.
Adam T. Siska wants you to make him a SANTI shirt. k?
by Modi April 23, 2005
The procedure of becoming one with the grass through deep meditation.
I had trouble having friends in high school because everyone thought i was wierd for becoming santi with the school lawn.
by Fredrick Jimenez June 01, 2006
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