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the fear of being surrounded by santa clauses.
the man felt a sence of santaclaustrophobia after being in the elevator too long. for not only was he in a small space and could not move, but he was also surrounded by at least 15 santa clauses, who were also riding the elevator.
by joo-leigh-yah January 04, 2010
An extreme or irrational fear of one or multiple elderly overweight men in white beards and red winter coats in a very small area.
by kiechepie March 21, 2010
Adj. a: a general or irrational fear of Santa Claus. b: A fear of enclosed shopping spaces during the holidays.
Timmy was unable to sit on Santa's lap in the mall because he suffered from Santa Claustrophobia.

Timmy's mother was unable to make it through Black Friday without a panic attack because she suffered from Santa Claustrophobia.
by Mothmaker November 30, 2012
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