1. A fake Christmas from the north pole who make toys for good boys and girls with his elves and wife.
2. A Turkish man named St. Nicholas who made little trinkets for poverty-stricken children and put the toys in the shoes they left on their doorsteps.
3. A lie parents tell their children so they don't cause trouble all year but'll never go to the 'jects.
4. The guy at the mall and the kids take a picture with some desperate fat guy who probably is a drunk who abuses his wife and hates kids.
1. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
3. Timmy, if you're good and quiet Santa Claus will get you that bike you want...and I can fuck Uncle Nick all year without you telling this time.
4. Ho!Ho!Ho...later...Fuckin' brats (chugs) this soup is cold bitch! (slaps wife).
by MayaEA April 08, 2006
Santa Claus (English translation - Mad Bastard) was the nickname for an escaped felon who climbed into people's houses on Christmas Eve night and left self-detonating nail bombs inside parcels in the living rooms. These nail bombs would explode when the parcel was opened, thus exploding the face of the 5 year old kid who opened it. The bombings and killings went on for years until eventually he was tortured and killed by the Triads.
"Ho-ho-hooo-shit" - Santa Claus' last words after be shown a pair of jumper cables.
by A Triad August 23, 2010
While receiving fellatio, hide two handfuls of cotton balls behind your back. Finish on the broads face, then apply the cotton balls for a Santa like beard.
After unwrapping my Christmas gifts from Kesha, I gave her one hell of a Santa Claus
by Trim Reaper December 01, 2009
The sexual act of tittie fucking a girl and the ejaculating on her chin to make it look like a Santa Claus Beard.
Me: Oh damn look at that hot chick with the bigb jtits!!!
Friend: Oh I'd like to Santa Claus her!!!
Me: Me too!!!
by Shbjane April 10, 2010
A nonexistent, grossly obese elderly man who would likely suffer from diabetes and heart disease if he existed. A lie used to maliciously deceive vulnerable, impressionable children to the point where they feel they are unable to trust any human being once they are brought into the light and discover the truth.

Santa Claus is a big LIE. THERE IS NO SANTA.

This lie is generally accepted in modern culture to brainwash kids, very similar to how Hitler's Nazi ideology was used to brainwash Germans.

Similar lies include the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy.
Belief in Santa Claus contradicts Christian values and detracts from the reason that Christmas is celebrated in the first place by encouraging children to be materialistic, dependent, unappreciative, optimistic, and lazy.
by qwerty9C1 November 29, 2007
After copulation, a partner makes a mustache and/or beard with semen on the other partner.
After the blow job, he gave her a Santa Claus.
by PeteRepeat September 30, 2006
While pile driving a girl in the ass, you pull out her tampon and whip her back and yell "Go Dasher and Dancer".
I was banging my first cousin and yelled "Go Dasher and Dancer". Then I yelled...I'm Santa Claus Bitch!!!
by Wave Esther Nails February 02, 2010
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