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An unhealthily overweight man clad in red and fuzzy white garments who forces millions of Cambodian children to make toys. However, Santa is a racist and skips over Cambodia on his Christmas run. He uses 'elves' as a cover-up for his sweatshops.
Santa loves to put young children at work.
by Legend December 22, 2003
1 15
a womans private part (santa is a cunt)
what has a bit of fluff at the top and a button(lumpy thing) in the middle ,also the bottom bits (legs/flaps) can spread .also red in colour,what else can it be.only seen once per year and makes boys/men very happy.
by uncle fizzle January 03, 2004
4 19
A person who disregards strong arguments in order to not appear beaten.
They knew he was wrong, but it was the pig who outwitted him and proved him wrong, the pig was now non existant to Santa and he argued as nothing had happened.
by JayRoe October 06, 2006
1 17
a guy that makes a reason for everybody to go buy toys for their little ones so they can hav a cover up and show their true fatness in a red suit and is the reason y credit cards were invented
convo between a credit card company and a customer
company-im sry santa stole all ur money
customer-well u should go fuck santa o wait u r santa
by ill b ur whore December 22, 2005
4 21
The guy that dyslexic devil worshipers sell their souls to.
(A dyslexic satanist, named Tommy, walks up): I worship Santa!
(His friend Ash replies): No, man, I think it Satan.
by -lovemetal December 11, 2007
26 47
Benevelont cartoon character developed by Coca Cola in the early 1900's to help sell children into life-long product devotion. The secret ingredient is not inside the can of "soft drink", it is in the security all Santa devotees feel within themselves when they see the red and white coloring on the outside of the Coca Cola product. Empires are built from the water out.
"Forget oil, people are dying for Coca Cola and the big fat red guy they invented named Santa."
by Satan Clause December 25, 2003
4 28
A fat white guy who breaks into your house and eats your food.
HOLY SHIT! Santa ate all the cookies!
by sarah00009 November 07, 2010
1 26