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A friend that will be youre best friend. Very inteligente and pretty, she is an awesome friend. She always listens to you when other people dont listen, and she is always there for you. You can call her any time you want, and she wont mind, cause shes cool like that. :) If you are not friends with Sanjana, youre totally missing out. Normally a chilled person, she might be hyper sometimes.
What do you expect? Shes a Sanjana!
by flyhigh:) December 09, 2010
Someone who is really pretty and modest. Sanjana is an indian , she's crazy and is liked by most people. She is good at everything. Every guy is crazy about her. In other words Sanjana is pretty much perfect.
Oh my god, that girl is totally a Sanjana.

She's such a Sanjana, and she doesn't know she's beautiful, that's what makes her beautiful.

by AustinRocks >3> September 17, 2012
A ditzy and funny girl. Sanjana is totally hot and everyone loves her because she is just so much fun to be around!!
Man, that girl is a total Sanjana
by iamme123123 December 05, 2011
the name itself signifies eminence, beauty and intelligence. sanjana's are very pretty and leave behind an unforgettable impression.unfortunately people are envious of her and that is the struggle a person named sanjana faces.but after all she is pretty and what can she do about that..
omg sanjana is the shit....damn she is pretty!!geez
by kiddo12 February 13, 2009
v. 1) To flake out and not come to a party or fun event, despite normally saying you will
2) To go to a party and not drink or have fun, or to leave early
I invited her to the party but she so sanjanaed it. That girl never comes to anything.
by im not wearing a coat! March 03, 2011
Also goes by:

One who lubs daniel Radcliff (don’t deny)
One who lubs harry potter
One who is full Indian
On who took me 2 the puja
One who takes me to Indian parties
One who joins me while sipping crapacinos
One who goes with m,e 2 the mall for no reason
One who knos me and my obsessions very well

One who will be my bestest friend for ever!
Shall we go 2 the mall and pick up some CRAPacinos?
by UNi October 06, 2004
A woman with a violent, scolding, or nagging temperament; a scold.

A violent, unpleasant, or greedy woman
Sanjana S A.K.A Nofunjana
by brandenj April 21, 2009

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