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Another name for an insane asylum
Joey went mad and got sent off to the sanitarium last week.
by Bonez November 17, 2003
Great song of metallica!
have u heard sanitarium of metallica?
by Michy March 29, 2005
An organazation built to hold mentally unstable people and help them regain sanity.

(You're probably searching this, because, it's also a kick-ass Metallica song.)
After coming home from the war with shell shock, Alex had to be held in a sanitarium.

Sanitarium, leave me be.
Sanitarium, leave me alone.
by TauntingXxXFate June 24, 2008
1. An institution for the treatment of chronic diseases or for medically supervised recuperation.
2. A resort for improvement or maintenance of health, especially for convalescents.
He was sent to a sanitarium, where he could recieve better care.
by Kerberos375 March 22, 2004