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Great song of metallica!
have u heard sanitarium of metallica?
by Michy March 29, 2005
124 42
Another name for an insane asylum
Joey went mad and got sent off to the sanitarium last week.
by Bonez November 17, 2003
66 20
An organazation built to hold mentally unstable people and help them regain sanity.

(You're probably searching this, because, it's also a kick-ass Metallica song.)
After coming home from the war with shell shock, Alex had to be held in a sanitarium.

Sanitarium, leave me be.
Sanitarium, leave me alone.
by TauntingXxXFate June 24, 2008
39 8
1. An institution for the treatment of chronic diseases or for medically supervised recuperation.
2. A resort for improvement or maintenance of health, especially for convalescents.
He was sent to a sanitarium, where he could recieve better care.
by Kerberos375 March 22, 2004
41 13