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Southern African American vernacular slang which purposefully uses the past tense to refer to singing in the present tense. Sanging means "singing really well"; "singing with a lot of soul".
That choir is really sangin' that song!
by azizip17 August 31, 2010
Singing that is so good it can occur in the present and past simultaneously.
Church woman: "She sangin' that song!"

Chuch man: "I know. I heard it last week."

Church woman: "But isn't this her first time sangin' it?"

Church man: "Exactly."
by jtucker92 October 23, 2010
Slang for 'how is it hanging!!' woooo
Hannifer: "Yo man, sangin'?"
Emma: "awryt brother!"
by .x!-Jaii-!x. February 23, 2007