A term most commonly used in the Call of Duty mostly Modern Warfare 2, series of online gameplay when a certian "player" is cornered front and back or side to side and shot at and killed. Most commonly happens when a "player" is going for a very high kill sreak such as a Chopper Gunner, AC-130, EMP, or possibly a Tactical Nuke.
Joey: "Holy shit! I just murked that homo with an AA-12!

Chris: "Well bite my nuts and call me skippy, your 1 more kill away from your first nuke brah!

Joey: "Dude im so nervous I think im gonna jizz my pants!"

Chris: "Hey imma go get me some 40s, okay.

(while Chris gets his 40s, Joey yells out with vulgar, Chris rushes back to the room)

Chris: "Damn that was a bitch move right there, what happened?

Joey: "I swear, i got sandwiched by these two fuckin chickenheads!!!"

Chris: "Haha n00b, ur ass got handed to you!!
by PuRpl3 FLurP 95 June 09, 2010
Top Definition
A state of intoxication, usually brought on by the use of multiple types of illicit drugs, wherein one feels stuck between an overwhelming state of sillyness and euphoria.

Also characterized by the inability to define ones current state by any word other than sandwiched.
1. "holy crap im sandwiched right now."

2. "last night kelsi and i got sandwiched!"
by JensAroo January 13, 2011
An act involving 3 things, or 3 persons, in which the first 2 on each end "crush" the one in the center.
Don't go to that lane, you might end up getting sandwiched.
by Slideback March 06, 2015
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