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1) a vagina
2) bread with meat that people like to eat.
1) I'm gonna kick you in the sandwich!!
2) Will you make me a ham sandwich.
by jessiepooh91 June 04, 2005
Noun. A can of beer. Used especially on summer rafting trips down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon, where it is hotter than hell.
Man it's hot. Toss me another sandwich.
by Grego February 16, 2005
To have an orgasm, either on your own or with a partner.
"Make me a sandwich woman!"
by marcjon December 30, 2004
Verb - 'to have a sandwich'. Means when you try to talk to someone you really fancy, but you end up a) saying something stupid, b) stuttering and acting weird c)running away.
Derived from having a crush on someone that worked in a sandwich shop.
"Oh my God, I had a total sandwich when I saw Pip last night."
by kimba July 17, 2005
A typical middle eastern housewife.
I think the ugliest woman I ever saw was the convenice store clerk's sandwich. Ugh.
by polack October 28, 2004