A small town in rural Illinois. Originally called Almond, but was re-named Sandwich by Senator(I think)Almond to Sandwich. No, seriously, it's true.
Let's go to Sandwich and laugh at their funny name!
by penguin of death February 27, 2005
A donk at life, a person who sucks at life and or Poker
"Wow, look at this sandwich who just sucked out on me."

"Hes going into sandwich time."
by Pants69 February 18, 2007
A mysterious device or artifact named in one of the earliest screenshots of Doom. See Heart of Lothat and Captain's Hand.
See this screenshot:
by Eric Melech April 16, 2005
A kid of mixed, unknown ethnicity who attends SUNY Geneseo. He is most well known for his ability to drink Nikolai vodka and make sandwiches out of the ladies at Sig Nu/Sig Tau, etc at parties on the weekends. Also known for his rap cat debut video and socially engineering pizza from Mama Mias.
"Yo man did u see that chick just get double-teamed on the dance floor?"
"yeah dude, that was Sandwich up on that chick's backside"
by Escape the FATE August 19, 2007
two naked people sandwiching a third in between them. a threesome
i'm going over to Tammy and Matt's, i think we'll have a sandwich tonight.
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
2 pieces of bread, cheese, meat, and condiments also know as a sammich or sammninja
Lets go have a sammninja
by keith February 25, 2005
The unfortunate problem of getting sand caught in the anus area after a trip to the beach. The arse cheeks act as two slices of bread as the sand filling rapes holes in the person anus causing bleeding. Very common with sailors.
Mike waddled back to the car after a fumble on the beach with his est friends missus complaining of sandwich
by Jiggaman April 15, 2005

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