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when grinding, two peaple get on either side of one person and they all grind together. usually a 2 guys grind with a girl in the middle.
Girl: look at justin and Drake.
Boy: ya there sandwiching sandy

by Miley February 25, 2007
59 61
marijuana, pot, weed
Why don't you come over tonight and we'll have a sandwich?
by Eddie June 04, 2003
29 32
1. a word that is referred to a woman; most commonly referring the woman's vagina
2. the part of a woman that you eat
3. a noun that can mean "woman" or "vagina"
Ex 1: "How was the party last night?"

"Good, I met a girl and I made her my sandwich."

Ex 2: "Dude she was such a good sandwich."
by lefty31t October 10, 2011
0 4
something I want my girlfriend to make me after we have sex all the time but she gets pissed off and leaves, then I have to make it and you know I'm smoking my cigarette thinking about the sandwich and the bitch leaves what a cunt
" Bitch make me a sandwich "
by Dildo Dildo dildo February 21, 2009
77 81
when you grab 2 broads 1 on front and 1 on back and you get grinded on by 2 girls,party like new years,you will be having like a ball
yo holmes,at dat partys i did a sandwich like 4 times,it was a blast
by i had a yamathon March 19, 2007
20 24
well mostly its a piece of bread, mustard, some cheese, meat of some sort, more cheese, mayo bread but some people add their own favorites such as tomatoe, lettuce, and other fun items. this is eaten with a variety of side dishes such as chips or potato salad. these are sometimes eaten as such things as pinics, luncheons, or a gala event
damn this sandwich rocks dude.
by brett. July 10, 2008
10 15
Marijuana, weed, trees
"Goddamn these sandwiches are spectacular! Pass the sandwiches goddamit Ernie!"
by Nay Steezo November 25, 2007
12 18