Another term for marijuana, in reference to the tv show "How I Met Your Mother"
Me: put out your sandwich, the Dean's coming.

You: Dude, this sandwich is too big for me.
by lilie_69 February 07, 2012
A blunt.
I took a major mouthful of that sandwich.
by flipdlop73 December 23, 2011
the concotion of different substances, usually food together to make one single bieng and state of food. sandwiches can be used in all different ways such as washing machines, household objects, and they are great to hide small legoes or toys, drugs, etc in. they are found all over the world and are different wherever you may go.
ima go make a sandwich

i hid some coke in my sandwich

i accidently vaccumed my sandwich

i had a pesto and cheese sandwich for lunch today and as well as everyday

i put what i want in my sandwich bitch!!
by patty dub November 07, 2007
1. A sandwich is a filling enclosed in bread or pastry that can be eaten by hand
First Person: Are you eating a sandwich?
Second Person: No, I'm eating a burrito.
First: Burritos are sandwiches, man.
by AmikaB August 29, 2011
The aggravating situation in which one person, most often a girl, ends up inbetween the two most attractive members of the opposite sex in a social group. This act of sandwiching oneself can be done in a literal physical sense, or in a figurative sense.
Last night at that sleepover, when she just decided to Sandwich herself, lying down inbetween those two attractive that was annoying. Like, leave some for the rest of us!
by IAmTheFartingEnigma May 15, 2011
1. Something to do as a bonding exercise particularly when hungry. Quick and easy BUT also complex and diverse. To deprive great pleasure from making something so simple yet incredibly tasty.

2. To be standing on a beach when something remarkable happens that you always hoped for.
Damn...... Now that was a great sandwich.

We have never been as close as we are when we make sandwiches.

I love sandwiches more than I love life. If I can't have a sandwich I might as well die.

I can't believe that sandwish came true. Thank god for sandwishes
by Sandwichasm July 09, 2012
2 men penetrating a woman from both sides at the same time, vaginally and anally.
Peter and John sandwiched Mary.
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004

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