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a party in which a good amount of women of any age can get together and discuss various sandwich making methods in order to keep their boyfriends and/or husbands calm and relaxed.
Bob: Hey man what are you doin tonight? Wanna chill and play some call of duty online?

Ted: Oh sure man.. I just have to pick up my girlfriend from her sandwich's about that time you know..
by Kitchen B. Itch May 07, 2010
A sandwich party is a party where a large number of people thrust their bums toward a central figure "Sandwiching" them in horror and butts. This is illegal in most states, and you may be arrested if you are underage; odds of arrest increase with absence of clothing, as do fines.
we starting throwing our butts around, and then it turned into a total sandwich party. Four of us were arrested.
by Nildro February 12, 2010
A pseudonym for an orgy.
Kyle: Ask Joey if he wants to have a sandwich party after school.
Caleb: Hey Joey! Want to have a sandwich party after school?
Joey: Oh yeah!
by VA1KYR13 January 25, 2012
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