1. A meme commonly seen on 4chan and other web forums consisting of a drawn portly man, holding out a sandwich, with a speech bubble in which comical phrases are photoshopped. Also known as sandwich dude or sandwich guy.

2. In certain groups of friends, the name used to refer to the group tool. Convenient for instances when making fun of said tool while he/she is present.
1. Some say that the sandwich man meme never gets overused because the joke can always be changed with some photoshop magic

2. Angela: "Karl! Did you invite that tool Shawn to hang out with us again??"
Karl: "Hell no, sandwich man isn't coming."
Angela: "Good. He's just annoying"
by Meloy July 10, 2006
Top Definition
One who annoying, somebody you do not want around. Usually a pain in the ass
Man! How kid this be so annoying? He is such a sandwich man!
by Little Cledus October 25, 2006
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