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its when black girls just date white guys.
those girls are just sand sharks only for the white guys.
by the man 789 February 16, 2009
a white chick who's into arab men.
by El Dolaro May 15, 2003
any white female who tends to prefer the company of arab males.
Hey, did you get a load of the sandshark thats been dating that greasy cameljockey.Thats sick.
by c.j. not cameljockey May 27, 2006
after busting during intercourse, rubbing your penis in sand and pushing it back into the girls pussy
i just sandsharked my teacher on the beach
by Jack----- February 20, 2005
a white girl who prefers black men
Yo, dat cracka iz a sand shark!
by Pimpin since pimpin October 11, 2003