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A dynamic slang word. Simultaneously referring to a Safeway sandwich while also making fun of someone who refers to a Safeway sandwich as a "sando."
Molly: "Let's get some lunch."
Mike: "I am gonna run and get a sando."
Molly: "Oh snap - SANDO!"
by Mista Miguel May 20, 2009
jjps way of saying suck a niggas dick or something
by Gl4ssJ4w October 14, 2003
sandos an acronym for "suck a nigga dik or sumtin'!" or white boy style, "suck a nigga dick or something! gosh darnit shut your butt cheeks!"
Joe: HAHAHAHA youre a bitch

Mike: Oh yea.....sandos muthafucka!

Joe: what are you trying to say?

Mike: suck a nigga dik or sumtin....bitch!
by mrstonecoldsteveaustin March 24, 2009
simply put-a sandwich
your mom can sure make a mean sando
by estephanies July 27, 2005
L33t Way to tell someone to suck your dick
Your girlfriends hot yo, Ima ask her to sandos...
by Bl33zil January 29, 2003
an invitation for the detrimentally lame
h4ax0r can SANDOS
by -g0tstyle? January 27, 2003
Sandos means suck a ngo dick or somethin...not suck a nigga dick or somethin

A ngo is an extremely l337 figure
Dez ngos wanna know if you gonna SANDOS?
by Khuk March 17, 2004