Giving someone a handjob with sand being used as the lubricant.
I woke up with a raw dick because michael decided to give me a sand job while i was passed out.
#raw dick #snow job #rock job #glass job #poop job
by tornado dave April 30, 2011
Top Definition
When an arabic woman gives you oral sex though her veil (Chador or Burqa headpiece).
I left a stain on her headpiece when she gave me a sandjob.
#sand job #blow job #arabic #islam #chador #burqa
by Lurtz May 12, 2006
sand job or, sand paper hand job, as all men know, is possibly one of the worst occurences the male genatalia can handle. the act of the sand job, most likely taken place in dormatorys, sheds, or in the backseat of a 1983 volvo hatchback actually feels like you're having a piece of sandpaper rip down the sides of your shaft. if one ever comes encountered with a 'sand job' i fully advise them to collect their belongings and immediately disperse from the premises.
"I ate that bitches pussy nicey nice and she gave me some wack sand job."
#sand paper handjob #painful handjob #sand job #good handjob #sandjob #sandpaper handjob
by msalt July 30, 2008
just like a handjob but with sand paper.
we went to a carpender's workshop, and both got sandjobs. even worse, i already had herpes.
#handjobs #sandman #jew #apple #oral
by barry14 March 22, 2007
A handjob recieved at a beach, sandbox, or any other location with sand.

Recieving a handjob when the person giving the handjob has sand stuck to their hand

A painful handjob
"Did you hear about pat's date at the beach?"

"Yeah man i heard he got a Sandjob."

"rumor has it that his dick was sore for a week"

#sandjob #handjob #beach #pain #pat
by skaterdudesiegel October 11, 2008
The result of a girl attempting to give a guy a hand job, but for reasons unknown, possibly because they're mentally retarded, makes it hurt more than almost anything known to the male race. the name is self explanatory in that it feels like sand paper is actually being rubbed along your junk. may result in bleeding.
If you feel as though you are headed towards a sand job, GET THE FUCK OUT.
#sand #hand #job #snd #sandjob #sndjob #sandjb #handjob
by SlowXxXLearner November 27, 2009
a blowjob from a girl who has chapped lips
"if that bitch got chapped lips, call it a sandjob!"
--hard as a villain, mc shazam and dj $^2
#blowjob #sand job #handjob #blow job #hand job
by luckyquarter July 08, 2010
when a chick uses sand to give you a handjob, usually leaving bad scratches on your cock.
"dude i went to the beach for spring break and got a sandjob, i think my penis will sting for the rest of my life"
#shlong #dick mongrel #bankskank #queef #aunt jemima
by alex brownie April 09, 2008
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