jerking a load onto a girl so that if she was hypothetically on fire she would be put out.
Oh James i totally sandbagged that bitch last night!
by BigJakky January 12, 2011
Verb: to reject or to cancel on someone

See also Noun: sandbag operation
"I thought you were going out with Tom tonight."

"Neh, I sandbagged him."
"Do you have to see Jenny this weekend?"

"Well, I suppose I could sandbag her."
"Shall I sandbag these newspapers?"

"Yeah, I've finished with them, thanks."
by WordlyWest October 02, 2009
An adjective to describe how a woman's breast feels to an inexperianced man.
"You know how Janessa's breasts feels like.. like a sand-bag?"
by Jalogo January 02, 2006
Derogatory Naval Reserve term for any member of the Army Reserve.
He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's only a sandbag.
by Snake October 26, 2005
1. to totally anhialate or pwn someone in public by 1 upping them or admonishing them 2. to act like a total douchebag to someone in public and totally deny them.
me and my friends saw this girl in the mall and we were gonna go talk to her, but this dawsons creek douchebag totally sandbagged us and started talking to her.
by chromed the crawler September 21, 2009
Verb. Definition: A teabag performed by a Middle Eastern person.
Dude! Ali just teabagged you! No he didn't, he sandbagged you!
by The Real General Havoc January 04, 2008
V. In roller coaster operation:
To delay the dispatch of a train for as long as possible without causing a cascade effect. Usually done after adding and empty train after it has been at rest.

A fresh train will not move as fast because the wheels are cold and need to move to generate the friction required for maximum speed. For this reason the "hot" fully loaded train behind it may catch up to it during the ride. different types of Coasters require some trains to be sandbagged more than once to allow for the preceding unit to achieve maximum velocity.
The new kid forgot to sandbag the train on main, now it's stuck in safety 1, and the lead has to supervise adding the fifth train for EVERYONE.

Thunder Mountain only requires a train to be sandbagged once, while Space Mountain may require a "rocket" to be sandbagged up to three times.
by carrg September 06, 2007
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