When, with the purposeful intent of leaving heirs in foreign countries; a man misleads a native lass to sex on the beach, near-climax, he rips of the condom, ejaculates while simultaneously heaving sand in her eyes and disappearing into the night.
leave country immediately.
yeap, ive got me nigh on, 30, 40 children by my sand bagged brides
by hoesnotshmoes October 13, 2010
When there is an extreme case of saggin titties.

When you walk and kick your titties simultaneously.

Low perkiness, high saggage
Don't know body want to see them sandbags.

Do they even make bras for those sandbags?

Look she steppin on her sandbags.
by none January 30, 2005
A sandbag is any female that does nothing during sex apart from lie there naked and take the prodding, also is unwilling to try any other posistion apart from standard missionary.
'Was that bird from the club a good shag?' 'nahh, an absolute sandbag.'
by Jamesy C September 29, 2012
A woman with the tits that are sagging.
They gives her black eyes when she runs.
Alanna Cross, Deer Lake Nl i.e. Sandbags
by quackermcquakerson March 14, 2011
When an Egyptian teabags you.
Dude, I got sandbagged so hard yesterday.
by Hassan625 June 11, 2011
to abandon something, such as a beer at a party or an item in the wrong the location in a store
"i sandbagged a bottle of KY in the sporting goods 'cuz i was too embarrassed to buy it"

"don't sandbag that beer...it's an Old Speckled Hen!"
by ace bradshaw January 04, 2010
Your Boobs! Often times used to refer to those with sandbags on the larger side.
Show me your sandbags!!!!
by NOPEeeee October 24, 2014

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