the worst possible thing; bad in every way that counts.
"Hey Uncle Owen, the fact that you won't let me transmit my application to the Academy this season is worse than sandpeople"
by donvito August 13, 2007
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Term for arabs, generally considered a racial slur.
Iranians are sand people.
by TruthForYou August 30, 2006
those things in star wars that live on tatooine. they make those weird noises and have weird looking faces. they also shoot those weird rifle things.
I heard Luke rapes a sand person in the 7th star wars
by kentuckypimp May 07, 2005
A Racist term used to describe, people of Middle-Eastern background.
Dude you are about as worthless as sandpeople!

Look at that faggot he reminds of the sandpeople I saw the other day.
by AsianCarpitcher December 06, 2009
people of muslim decent who value sand more than they value their lives and are dumb enough to believe that if they sacrifice themselves to allah that the will recieve seven virgins(douche bags)
1) can you believe that sand people sleep when i try to call them
2) aeish, muhhamed
by matt@ajs May 15, 2007

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