The act of skeeting on a girls face then throwing sand at her and running away
"Dude what happened to that girl you took to the beach?"
"Oh I sandblasted her ass and took off"
by Sandblaster May 10, 2007
Top Definition
When copulating at the beach, a man dips his royal scepter in the sand and procedes to pound his girlfriend's pud.
When I was on spring break in Cabo, I sandblasted your mom!
by Sparky Sikes October 25, 2003
A style of demin shorts or pants that are usually sagging. They tend to be either dark demin (navy, black) with a lighter color of demin in an oval-like circle that look like it's been spray painted or a light blue color demin with a white spray-painted look. Black people and a wigger tend to wear these.
Person 1: Hey man, why does that guy's pants look like they've been changed to a lighter color near the knees?
Person 2: It's called a sandblast
by nebulaphobia May 14, 2005

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