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complaning about things that do not matter. letting the littlest things bother you.
I don't see what the big deal is with the tie breaker. We can just vote on it in the offseason. A lot of members of the "Endless Drama" and "South Jersey Fantasy Football League" need to clean the sand in your vagina
by MLake1987 October 13, 2009
a condition causing bad moods, usually experienced by females but also can affect some males. Can only be fixed by a douche!
You're in a bad mood today, have you got sand in your vagina?
by rubberbudgie October 08, 2003
a condition said to be had by someone who is irritated
Settle down, chief. What, you got sand in your vagina or something?
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
Someone who has PMT.
Marc, have you got a bit of sand in your giny?
by Marc Weynton August 21, 2003