The most beautiful city in the US.
With the hills, bay, bridges, cable cars, victorian homes, etc., San Francisco is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the United States.
by socalivy December 07, 2006
A Beautiful city full of culture, homosexuals along with heterosexuals great food, great sites an area where people should not judge till they go and realize the beauty of it all
When the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay ohh i wanna be there in my city. San francisco!!
by Noelle August 31, 2003
To put it simply, San Francisco is The Center of the Universe. Physically and culturally, it's halfway between Hong Kong and Amsterdam; Mexico and Alaska.

It's "The City" to locals, "Frisco" to tourists, but one thing remains for sure - you will not find, anywhere on Earth, a comparable combination of great food, ethnic diversity, architectural interest, natural beauty, easy sex or easy money.

Sure, it's got cold summers and absurdly overpriced real estate, but nobody's perfect..
I wish I still lived in San Francisco; Hayward's hecka boring.
by SunsetBob August 29, 2006
The graffiti mecca of the world (besides NYC).
"damn San Francisco got a hella good graff scene, damn that city is CRUSHED... shit's frash"
by Hamy Deez March 01, 2004
City in Northern California, USA, named after the mission established there circa 1776 in the name of St. Francis of Assissi.

(In the RC Church, St. Francis is the patron saint of exorbitant house prices, sanctimonious hippies, solipsistic entrepeneurs, fabulous mincers, and lightning-fast metermaids.)
Leather, leather, leather, leather baby
Levi's and T's are the best now all right
Folsom, Folsom street on the way to Polk and Castro
You don't find them finer
Freedom, freedom is in the air, yeah
Searching for what we all treasure: pleasure
Take me to the bay, lead me to it, now, now
San Francisco / Oh I love ya / Yeah
by Witness10mm July 21, 2005
A really really amazing city with a place for anyone. We have awesome food, great views, perfect weather, and the best of everything.

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that you must be gay, Asian, rich, a hobo, or a yuppie to fit in in San Francisco. Clearly these people are hanging out with the wrong crowd. San Francisco is beautiful. The country we live in is so stereotyped for a reason: the majority of it really is a bunch of highly Christian white racists. San Francisco is a place that breaks this mold. My city is the future. It's called diversity people, learn to get used to it. Also learn to get used to extreme Bay pride. There's a reason people from the city are so proud of it; it's because San Francisco is truly amazing. And take a guess why it's so expensive to live here. It's only because who wouldn't want to??

The home of the hyphy movement, amazing chinese food, big hills, a gorgeous bay, fog, really nice parks, the mission, good weed, the shittiest soccer fields ever, and the summer of love.

Don't call it frisco.
Boy: i'm from San Francisco
Girl: do me.

Boy: I'm from frisco.
Girl: no you're not. you call it frisco.
by mercedmanor. March 30, 2008
Where the saying winter all the time is complete bullshit!
The weather is gorgeous here! not bad one bit!!
by Kttrr June 08, 2005
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