Great place, nice weather. And for the person who said that San Diego has killer weed, they're quite mistaken. It's like a drought there.
This is San Diego. Where can i find some weed N**ga?
by portclassix September 07, 2005
german for "a whale's vagina"
The Germans discovered it in 1904, and they called it "San Diego", which in German means "whale's vagina".
by Boltsky December 14, 2004
Discovered by the Germans in 1904 and means a whales vagina
Veronica: what a wonderful city
Ron: Yes i believe San Diego is German for a whales vagina
Jason: hey guys im gay
Najee:dude jason lets have sex
by Jason Najee January 08, 2006
Discovered by Germans, the name, roughly translated means: A whale's Vagina.
German 1 "Here vee are, Vhatever shall vee call zis Majestic land?"

German 2 "Look! A whale's Vagina!"

German 1 "zhat's perfect!"
by got_human? February 11, 2005
San Diego is gay.
San Diego is gay.
by San diego is gay March 03, 2009
Southern most city in California, adjacent to Mexican border. Big military city as well. Not the greatest place in the world, but do-able.
I h8 San Diego just for the fact that it's got so many damn marines and sailors crawling everywhere! Damn, everywhere you go, Mr. High-and-Tight is acting drunk and playing grab ass. Next year, I'm moving back to Connecticut.
by drinking S.D.haterade October 31, 2004
A useless piece of shit place in the Southwestern corner of the United States dedicated to over-priced real estate, silicone boobs, military-industrial complex, biotech, monster truck bros, SDSU oversized sunglasses-wearing hoes, La Jolla/Del Mar bi-sexual soccer moms, PB frat losers, North County right-wing anti-immigration Minutemen, and fish tacos.
Thinks "high culture" is watching an Over the Line game at Fiesta Island or attending the San Diego Symphony in flip flops.
by SDHater October 18, 2006

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