Sorry Ass Nigga
I had to reject a SAN who tried to holla at me the other day.
by songbird93 July 21, 2009
Liberal, radical, extreme revolutionary or affiliated with counter culture. Short for Sans-culotte. From the French Revolution’s extreme revolutionary political movement.
That guy is totaly Sans, look at his mohawk
by Bob Estes July 07, 2006
the word "son", but said/typed in the way a russian in brooklyn's brighton beach neighborhood would say/type it.
san san. lets go to ze club yo.
by Roman April 21, 2003
a lil man..who has no fucking balls...he might as well call him self a women because he is a big pussy. dont forget about how much of a liar he is and how much dick he sucks...should of been smarter and covering up his dirty work...
San is a pussy.
by girlygirl11211 September 03, 2009
1. person from the now extinct ass-yria now a crazed iraqi on the loose
San is a crazed iraqi who likes to rape big black men
by PYTHONPOWER March 10, 2005
the best looking couple in the world. both of them are very sexy and will be together forever
wow you guys are so san, i wish me and my girlfriend were sexy and would never break up.
by Steven Nguyen January 04, 2005
Abbreviation for San Diego
The Best City EVER!!
The three-letter airport abbreviation of SAN DIEGO
San Diego is the place to be and you know it!
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006

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