Another term for friend. Often used at the end of a sentence when talking to friends to refer to them.
An example being, "want to go to the pub for a drink my san" or "I'm sleeping my san"
by Madboab2020 September 09, 2015
A lazy skeleton who treats physics like its bitch while maintaining a teleporting fast food kiosk
sans is going to give you a bad time
by esper_thegod June 30, 2016
The best undertale punny skellington that pisses off papyrus
Sans : It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing flowers are blooming. On days like this kids like you....
by Infochan July 10, 2016
(adj.) describing someone who is uncool. A way to describe someone who does something that is not socially natural or cool enough to hang out with cool people.
"She's vegan and natural but she acts condescending to people who aren't and that's why people don't want to be vegan. She's so sans."
by julqui7 October 01, 2013
(Shitty Ass Night) Referring to a shitty night. Usually used when an individual is emotionally dysfunctional during the nighttime.
"Hey John, how are you? - Luke
"Not feeling too good" - John
"Oh man why not?" - Luke
"S.A.N." - John
by Slakeia October 02, 2011
1. When somebody approves of something which they think is really cool or down. In fact, 'San' is so cool itself it cannot be defined accurately. The pure essence of 'San' cannot be contained within a physical form, for it is ethereal and a part of many things.
2. It can also be used to greet a person, in place of certain trivialties as 'hello', or 'safe', for example.
3. It can be used in place of a word to, ironically show ones gratitude for it.
(The elongation of the word 'San', i.e. 'Saaaaaan' merely extends the emphasis of whichever context it is used in.)
1. Person 1: Hey I just found a £20 note on the floor.

Person 2: San!

2. Person 1: Alright man, how's it going?

Person 2: San.

3. Person 1: Hey would you like some whiskey?

Person 2: Surely you mean some san. That whiskey is pretty beasty.
by Dick Kipling September 01, 2010
the most funniest, best person in the world u could ever meet! she always brightens ur day with her smile and laugh. she is down to earth and a total ninja!
omg i wish i could be a san!!! she is soooo cool!
by matzy101 October 20, 2011
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