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Italian mineral water similar to but of higher quality than Perrier.
by XW January 22, 2008
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A sexually transmitted disease originating from the sluts in the greater Dirty-Reno Nevada area. Due to the extremely high daily volume of sexual intercourse with Dirty-Reno sluts this disease has been quickly spread around the world.

Symptoms are: thick and painful (sometimes burning) anal leakage, erectile dysfunction, painful urination, abdominal cramping, skin irritation to the genitalia and anal areas including but not limited to open soars, rashes, redness, and swelling. Other symptoms are dizziness and soar throat.

If you believe you have contracted SP see a physician immediately. Thus far there have not been any major advances in finding a cure for SP.

Next time wear a rubber jackass!
When Tony had sex with Joelle the was no surprise when his tiny dick contracted San Pellegrino. Now he has been burning in his nether regions and leaking out the ass for 3 years.
by Mountherintheass January 24, 2010
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