A modern-day Sodom and Gomorah, where homosexuality is not only accepted, but flaunted. Pretty much the socialist capital of the United States. A place where reality and common sense is not.
San Francisco will be the first city destroyed when our country is judged for its immorality and wickedness.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
the most blatantly homosexual city there is.
Q: How many straight guys in San Francisco does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Both of them
by The Bombastic Blumptastic May 26, 2003
The liberal and homosexual capitol of the United States whose mayor intentially broke California law simply so he could promote his pro homosexual agenda!
San Francisco is the most immoral city in the United States.
by Piranha May 12, 2005
Besides the place I live and a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a dirty, smelly, dark city in California. This city is repute mostly by Hobos and Homos known to all other major cities over the country even the world. It needs billions and probably even trillions of dollars in repairs and upgrades but that never really happens.
Gay Pride Parade, Homeless on the streets all over this place, very difficult to find parking everywhere here, smells like urine almost everywhere in downtown here, feeling sticky most of the time after getting off the public transportation here, etc. Stick with places like Fresno or Los Angeles instead.
by Richard Leong July 05, 2005
1. fagtown
2. the place where thrash metal comes from
metallica is from san francisco
san francisco is a fagtown.
by ragnarёk July 26, 2006
The Hell of the upside down sinners.
They bathe in the black blood of the earth.

Jack Burton: "what,you mean oil"

No I mean the black blood of the earth.
by John Carpenter March 10, 2005
What we need is a good earthquake to melt this fuckin place.
OMG san fwghwad crisco is teh gay area!
by hippies lick ass March 13, 2005
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