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A whales vagina.
San Francisco means "a whales vagina"

No, I don't think thats quite right..
by >rectalrape< July 21, 2008
A city in Northern California that hasn't seen an infrastructure upgrade since the 1800's. Theres pretty much four groups of people. Pretentious yuppies, Asians, Fags, and Bums. The Asians are rude and act like they own the city. Most of them can't speak a word of English. The fags are not only abundant and welcomed, but also encouraged to be as "out of the closet" as possible. Finally being a bum in San Francisco is more of a way of life to these people than a problem. They have the gall to ask me for money while I'm working my ass off unloading a truck, then tell me that they dont want pennies, only silver coins.
San Francisco is "tolerant" of everything and tough on nothing, including illegal immigration. The chief of police, Heather Wong, or Fong, or whatever, admitted on TV that SF was a "sanctuary city", so apparently Federal immigration rules don't apply there. Could probably be voted the LEAST American city in the country
by lowdowdirty May 24, 2007
California city inhabited by misfits from all the other 49 states.
Those San Franciscan's are nuts. That's why I live in San Jose.
by SB August 27, 2004
The homosexual capital of the United States. The Peoples Republic of San Francisco. A place where reality is not. A nice place to visit but you don’t want to live there. Was once one of America’s crown jewel cities but now has more drawbacks than qualities. It has become the American center of radical homosexuality, socialism, liberalism, activism, judicial activism, and other social nuances. Radical homosexuals literally hold Gay Pride parades on Castro Street to flaunt their perverted and immoral lifestyle. Its activist mayor, Gavin Newsom, has overstepped his bounds by deliberately “marrying” homosexual couples when California law strictly forbids it. He also sided with illegal immigrants who held a march in the city denouncing the right of American’s Freedom of Speech. The city is so liberal that it will not tolerate members of the American armed forces being in the city. Hell, it even screamed when the Blue Angels wanted to do a show over the San Francisco Bay. What a disgrace. It is not a coincidence that it now has the largest number of homeless than most other US cities. The cost of living has become so out of control that citizens are moving out to the burbs causing the city population to decline rapidly since 2000. When God punishes the United States, San Fran will probably be the first city he knocks off. This is what makes San Francisco San Francisco:
1. fog
2. the Golden Gate Bridge
3. Alcatraz Island
4. its numerous hills
5. plenty of Asians
6. Fishermans Warf
7. the Embarcadero
8. queers
9. hippies
10. activists
11. liberalism
12. socialism
13. the TransAmerica Pyramid
14. cable cars
15. an outragious cost of living
San Francisco is nice to visit but damb if you want to live there.I hate it.
by krock1dk October 26, 2007
This city is so liberal, so socialist and so out of touch with reality that its piece-of-crap Mayor, Gavin Newsom sided with illegal immigrants who recently held a march in the city denouncing the rights to our Freedom of Speech. How dare they! This is OUR country and not theirs because they are here illegally and should be deported!! These illegal immigrants dont belong here and we have the right to say what we want and not them!!! This same piece-of-crap Mayor pushed his homosexual agenda by outright violating California law and "marrying" homosexual couples, when California law forbids it. This is the government you, the crazy citizens of Frisco, have voted for. Now lie in your bed you have made! This Proves that San Franciscians are so open minded, their brain is falling out.
San Francisco is a beautiful city but has been ruined by its socialism, liberalism, radical homosexual openess, Marxist policies, anitamericanism, social deviancy and pantywastes (the homosexuals, hippies and activists). I hope it falls into the Pacific Ocean soon.
by krock1dk September 10, 2007
A modern-day Sodom and Gomorah, where homosexuality is not only accepted, but flaunted. Pretty much the socialist capital of the United States. A place where reality and common sense is not.
San Francisco will be the first city destroyed when our country is judged for its immorality and wickedness.
by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
a perfect city if you're a tourist, but if you live here,living anywhere south of Market Street is like living in a micro version of L.A. neighborhoods like China town and Mexiville scream English only laws. Castro screams get a girlfriend, dudes.
the ratio of girls to guys in San Francisco is 1 to 5,good God!
by esjay December 16, 2004