The only place gayer than Santa Cruz is San Francisco
#san fransico #santa cruz #ucsc #gay #queer
by McDaddy-The Porn King July 23, 2008
One of those places where no one can both live and work there. Only people who can afford not to work can afford to live there. People who work there live some place like Santa Rosa or San Jose.
The natural result of San Francisco is that people who work in Santa Rosa or San Jose can't afford to live there, because people who live in Frisco took all the houses, and have to live some place like Ukiah or Modesto instead.

People used to both live and work in Modesto, but now they have to commute from Sonora or Madera. It's all Frisco's fault, and the sooner one of their faults dumps them in the ocean, the better.
by Downstrike November 11, 2004
a pen for the world's largest known herd of homosexuals that are kept as stock for the popular sport of fag drag
"Wanna go to san francisco?"

"Naw, im not gettin my new truck and rope til next week."
#san francisco #fag drag #elton john #homosexual #pen
by mr. funns August 09, 2009
A city whose flaws now unfortunately outnumber its qualities. A city like many others in the American urban landscape that is a microcosm for the decline of this country. In the end, I may have moved away anyway but now I definitely will and sooner. I am weary of the metropolitan jungle and need to scale it down for my overall well being.
I have lived in San Francisco all my life and have seen it go downhill and it saddens me greatly. Some unsolicited commentary: Why is one person's infantile bigotry used so often as the pronunciation for this word? Lastly, a note for those who don't know San Francisco well: Gay people are a very visible minority but alone do not define San Francisco.
by Native San Franciscan October 25, 2003
A horrible city filled with overly liberal people in which everything is crammed way too close together. Ir is a dismal, dirty city in which over 700,000 unlucky people live. One can find strange people on every street corner along with potentially nice people who don't speak a single word of English. People who live in the city often go weeks without seeing trees, fields, or anything natural. Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco: That's all I really need to say about the city.
I live in Half Moon Bay and its hard to believe such a wonderful little town could be 15 miles away from such an awful place like San Francisco.
#frisco #hellhole #crammed #dark #dismal
by SerraPadre07 December 24, 2006
America's Anus
Have you been to San Francisco?
#san francisco #gay #gay people #america's anus #fagville
by Kreko July 21, 2008
FUCK What everyone Says About Fags In San Francisco Thats Only One Street
(Castro) I Think It Is One Of The Best Cities In The World And Me Bein From The Muthafukin Bayveiw Huntaz Point. (HUNTERS POINT)One Of The Most Gangsta Neighbor Hoods In The USA Way More Gangsta Than Pussy Ass Kanas.HAHA Bitches. There's A lot Of Ghettos: Fillmoe, Sunnydale, Ocean Veiw, Bay Veiw, Tinderloin, Etc. If I Din't Say Doesnt Mean I For got! it is a good lookin city besides the gays on castro. A Lot Of SHit To Do In the 415.
San Francisco Is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Better Than These Pussy Mutha Fuckers Hatin On the 415. Im From San Francisco I Will Have Yo Head In A Bag Hatin On San Francisco pussy Ass Kanas
by DUB S July 22, 2005
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