A city across the bay from Oakland.

It is known for it's wonderful international cuisine, its legions of bums (which are called homeless in San Francisco), pouves, a lawless mayor, and Tommy's Joynt.
Next time you're in San Francisco, get a bowl of Buffalo Stew at Tommy's Joynt.
by Sneaky Snyde June 01, 2005
A codeword invented by a group of immature sixth-grade Seattle girls, they were in 4th grade when word was invented.
Code for sex.
A city in CA
Sixth grade girl: Have you ever been to San Francisco?
Random kid who has no idea: Uh, yeah, last summer
Sixth grade girl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Random kid who has no idea: Um, what?
Sixth grade girl: Oh, nothing.
#lol #immature #california #city #sex
by iwant4piez April 01, 2009
City by the pacific Ocean. We have 10 months of winter here and like two of summer.

Places of interest:
We have the Haight and Ashbury area, which really isn't what it used to be.
We have Chinatown, which is smelly and stuffy and crowded all the time. We have a great view, especially from Twin Peaks. We have the alcatraz (sp?) island, and the cable cars are pretty rad.
Like, 40% of this city is made up of Asian people.
by rise up rise against June 12, 2004
small town assholes that still think they are the nation's ambassadors to food, culture, and society.

the stains on your pants are showing!
sometimes the crap is so sticky,it just leaves a stain on the toilet, and no amount of flushing will wash it away. san francisco is like that.
#san francisco #frisco #sf #san fran #bay area
by frisco joe April 26, 2009
A city very much worth visiting but, once you break its superficial surface, you realize that it's not for living unless you're either a) a homosexual or b) a member of some kind of fringe and traditionally shunned subculture. San Francisco is a city where many people think they're fabulous, yet they're not at all. What thrives in San Francisco are pseudo-intellectual tendencies, hipsters (see mipster), homosexuals, yuppies (Marina district) opposite of mipsters, and rampid pretentiousness. Its art scene sucks unless you're of the grunge culture. It claims to be a diverse city simply because it contains asians and semi-open homosexuality. Despite its claims of diversity, it's in fact very homogeneous, not to mention small and filthy (small is fine, but not when you're facing a huge homeless problem).
Dude, you wanna go party in Marina tonight? Naw, I don't wanna feel like I'm in a BR catalog - let's go pick up some dirties in the Mission instead. I love San Francisco.
#sf #frisco #the city #san fransisco #dirt
by yoli November 08, 2006
America's anus
Im going to San Francisco to see the gay pride parade.
#san francisco #gay #homosexual #faggot #lesbian #anus
by tatomuck1 October 25, 2008
The only place gayer than Santa Cruz is San Francisco
#san fransico #santa cruz #ucsc #gay #queer
by McDaddy-The Porn King July 23, 2008
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