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A group of at least 9 well endowed males, preferably of hispanic decent, form a congo-like anal sex train creating a line. It is preffered not to attempt on humid and thunderous days. You should have at least one designated "spotter" becuase these events tend to go horribly wrong. Music is usually recommended listening to is Basshunter's Dota or Boten Anna for it livens the mood and creates more pleasurable anal sex experiance.
Man last weekend at my grandparents we had the most insane san francisco rail road, unfornately Nelson is still in the hospital.
by Panda Lover July 10, 2008
The act of a man fucking a person doggy-style, while having a double ended dildo up his ass, and simultaneously fucking another person behind him with the opposite end of the dildo.
I was a runaway freight train on the San Francisco Railroad. My hips and ass hurt from all of the "chugging."
by Herbie VerSmelt April 23, 2013
The act of tucking one's penis between his legs and into is own anus. Then passing his own erect penis out of his asshole.
Daryl: Dude I tried the San Francisco Railroad last nigh, shit was so cash.

Eddie: Really? Wow...
by anonymoose16 August 05, 2009
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