A whale's Vagina (German)
San Diego, drink it in!
by Ron B. May 02, 2005
A great wonderful city. filled with great and cool people. It also means a "Whales Vagina" in German. True fact! San Diego is nothing like a whales vagina though. It is slightly better.
German Captain: Vat eva shall ve call sees vondaba place.

German Explorer: Look! A vales vagina!

German Captain: Thats it!
by I Care June 22, 2005
In german it means whale's vagina
ha ha san diego has a funny meaning in german
by moosefucker gerry March 14, 2005
A useless piece of shit place in the Southwestern corner of the United States dedicated to over-priced real estate, silicone boobs, military, biotech, monster truck bros, SDSU oversized sunglasses-wearing hoes, Del Mar bi-sexual soccer moms, PB frat losers, North County right-wing anti-immigration Minutemen, and fish tacos.
High culture consists of watching an Over The Line game at Fiesta Island with beer in hand or attending the San Diego Symphony in flip flops and Tommy Bahama shirt.

North County - People driving Lexus SUVs with Surfrider Foundation stickers on their way to a Randy "Duke" Cunningham rally.

East County - White trash, christian fundamentalist tweakers driving over sized pick ups with Skin Industry stickers.

Downtown - Hyper-caffinated "urban professionals" who drive BMWs, use way too much hair jel, work in real estate, shmooze with their clients at the Solamar Hotel, and vacation way too often in Maui.

La Jolla - Wealthy patricians and UCSD professors who think the world ends east of Interstate 5.

South Bay - North County wannabes who spend $1,000,000 on a "tract home" in Eastlake and frequent PF Changs way too often.

by SDHater October 19, 2006
Spanish for a "whale's vagina"
Dis you see that San Diego on the Moutain Dew commercial
by Chase C May 31, 2005
Shit hole we should donate to mexico. Full of illegals and dirty ass people who dont shower. Most of the people are newly arrived wetbacks who commute to LA daily to mow lawns.
San Diego is the biggest shithole in the great state of California.

by bebeji007 October 09, 2006
1. home of some of the most pathetic pussies on the face of the earth
2. a collection of rich ass little bastards just waiting to get their asses kicked
yo, lets go to san diego to jump those little bitches
by Oaktownballa February 07, 2005

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