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the ditch between your nose and your upper lip. first mentioned in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Day The Earth Froze
"everything went great at the Five Iron Frenzy concert until I got kicked in the sampo by a stagediver"
by Crono July 20, 2004
To experiment, taste, smell, practice, or oof new pussies.

Also trying out new sampo's at cosco.....dey get some good stuff too

Man: I like Sampo
Girl: OH NO dis not cosco
by Oahu808 February 15, 2008
I want to try that. or I want to see your goodies. :p
I like sampo, can? you get big boobs ah.. I like sampo
by xstussyone January 14, 2005
a strapless evening gown
"Hey, that's a nice sampo you're wearing there!"
by Here's Johnny!!! September 13, 2011
to take a sample of a hotties milkshake or to put your big straw in her milkshake
shortly after i spit mad game i was sampoing her milkshake in the janitors closet
by Big BNP January 29, 2004