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A girl with a big booty , a girl who has a very sexy body . Most Sammy's are usually very smart and becomes a bitch a times . A person who gets freaky in the bed and can get a great and small laugh out of you ! Always with a big smile .
Example : always be with a damn Sammy .
by Marry lee Smith March 21, 2014
A Sammy is a great best friend. She'll always be there for you, no matter what!
She's like totally going to end up with a Kosta.

And a Sammy will not only do anal but she'll also stick her finger up your arse ;)
Omg like you stuck your finger up his arse! You're such a Sammy!
by LexieRose09 September 06, 2013
The most amazing, beautiful, cute, and adorable girl a guy could ever have!!!
Jake: Hey Carter, who is that amazing girl you are going out with?
Carter: Oh! That's Sammy!
by AnEpicGinger October 14, 2012
the act of inserting ones penis ina lotion bottle for pleasure,or out of desperacy. (also called a jackie)
jim got tired of not gettiong ass so he gave himself a sammy
by cold-air June 23, 2011
Sammy is a name given to a beautiful young girl. She isn't very tall or very short. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. She laughs at a lot of things and her laugh is VERY contagious. She's smart but she has her dumb-blonde moments. Always accompanied by a person with the beginning letter of 'J' or 'B'. She makes everyone smile and no one can keep a grudge on her. Sammy is a kindhearted and loyal friend. She's flawless and perfect and if you don't know a Sammy, you should totally go finding a Sammy.
B: Sammy is my best friend she is perfect
J: Will you help me get ahold of her? shes amazing
B: Okay but don't worry, shes a great friend.
by Fernanda America December 04, 2013
A strong person both mentaly and phisically, she can become angry at time but can be calmed down by the company of her friends. She has lots of secrets behind a pretty face. She see's herself as someone not important, but others around her think she is cute, and should be treated right. A tough cookie.

Names also called; sam, samantha
Wow sammy's so strong!
by swedishprince June 19, 2013
A perfect girl who is stunning to look at and so radiant!
That girl today was beautiful!
Dude, she is such a Sammy!
by Jackbonserialman April 08, 2013