Sammy is the most sweetest guy you will ever know! Most of time he has brown eyes, but rarely will have blue! He's so gorgeous and every girl wants him because he's tall, sweet, great artist and can play piano once you meet Sammy you want him, and you want him bad! Once you look at him you can't stop! He's that gorgeous!

You will stay up all night just to talk to this boy! Even if the time zones are different! To wrap things up, I LOVE SAMMY!
by Sammy's Lover from Barrie! December 21, 2013
A perfect girl who is stunning to look at and so radiant!
That girl today was beautiful!
Dude, she is such a Sammy!
by Jackbonserialman April 08, 2013
Someone who is a terrible rapper. He is also very short, obnoxious, and thinks he is most amazing person in history. Basically a doushbag.
That kid is a Sammy.
by dunckel middle school February 16, 2013
the act of inserting ones penis ina lotion bottle for pleasure,or out of desperacy. (also called a jackie)
jim got tired of not gettiong ass so he gave himself a sammy
by cold-air June 23, 2011
A sammy is a gay ass fagit who suck more dick than anyone and they also have a chode and are not pimps
Dont be like sammy
by Kushman420 November 12, 2014
Sammy is a name given to a beautiful young girl. She isn't very tall or very short. She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. She laughs at a lot of things and her laugh is VERY contagious. She's smart but she has her dumb-blonde moments. Always accompanied by a person with the beginning letter of 'J' or 'B'. She makes everyone smile and no one can keep a grudge on her. Sammy is a kindhearted and loyal friend. She's flawless and perfect and if you don't know a Sammy, you should totally go finding a Sammy.
B: Sammy is my best friend she is perfect
J: Will you help me get ahold of her? shes amazing
B: Okay but don't worry, shes a great friend.
by Fernanda America December 04, 2013
A Sammy is a great best friend. She'll always be there for you, no matter what!
She's like totally going to end up with a Kosta.

And a Sammy will not only do anal but she'll also stick her finger up your arse ;)
Omg like you stuck your finger up his arse! You're such a Sammy!
by LexieRose09 September 06, 2013

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