This very cute, if not cutest girl, girl that I know. That if I had the chance, I would do unforgivable, unholy things to. Not only is she cute, shes more funnier then the word niglet and smarter then those asian kids who have parents that think B's on report cards means bad. Enough said, GG.
If Sammie ever had kids, she would be announced #1MILF of all of USA
by Niglet_ August 30, 2008
My best friend. She is the prettiest girl in my school even though she thinks she is ugly. She is a blonde and so am I. She normally says "build a bridge and get over it." or is in her happy place. Twilight fanatic. And She Is in love with music. She Is very Skinny But not Too Skinnny. She Is Beautiful With A HUGE Butt. Her Eyes Change Color She Is 1/3 Known Memebers Of THe ICO.
Me:Stop Trying to act like Sammie.
Sammie:Im Not Trying To Act Like Sammie I Am Sammie You Egg.
Me:Oh Yea.
That Is What We Talk About Eggs And Jimmy.
by Jimmy Is Beautiful March 18, 2009
A frilly man thong.
He was wearing a 'Sammie' - so hot. I practically had an orgasm!
by Lick.My.Chick May 06, 2009
A Sandwich
I'm hungry...Want a sammie?
by Mr. Body Massage Machine September 11, 2003
another word for sandwich
i'm making a sammie
by git0807 December 08, 2010
A girl that will change your life forever. The minute you look into her eyes, its over with because you will instantly fall for her. She attracts both types (boys and girls) and loves to laugh. She loves to cuddle and to be with the people she loves. Once she enters your life, dont let her go because she is one in a million .
Bob : woah, did you see Sammie?
Ally : yeah , i think im in love <3
by TheGirlWhoLovesHer November 02, 2013
A girl that is very small but makes up for it in strength. She wears her long,thick brown hair in a high pony tail. She's very pretty even she doesn't think she is.
Damn, look at Sammie today!!!
by SecretGod October 26, 2013

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