Legal to own, sell, purchase. Somewhat cheap. Very potent. Think of it as 10x as strong as acid, and 10x as short a trip.
Salvia, and shit.
by cyrus May 08, 2003
I would not incourage anyone to try this stuff!
I purchased for the first time 3 grams of 6X Salvia for $26 + $5 shipping smoked a hit and a half in a small pipe and everything I saw and I mean everything I could see curved up like bars in a bird cage..I felt like I was in a cage and being consumed by everything in the room.The feeling was intense colors were vivid but all in all not pleasent at all to say the least... it seemed like I was never going to be ok again and I was a victim of a Nazi experiment or under a spell of a witch or ate a poisionous mushroom or something... finially it ended a couple mins later..Thank God. I have done shrooms,acid and a few other kinds of mind altering drugs in the past and never regretted doing so I never want to experience salvia again..that shit went right down the shitter. Salvia should be outlawed and legalize pot for Christ sakes! I could see how if someone had existing head problems and did that shit it could throw him or her over the edge for good or who knows what could happen? I hope im not on the road while some idiot is on that while trying to drive.Stick with beer and pot. Be safe dont try it.You will be me.
by Hank685 December 29, 2007
a family of around 1000 plants suck as salvia officianials or salvia divinorum
the most famous salvia is salvia divinorum with its spacey propaties. but salvia divinorum is unlike anyother drug out there
theres 1000 different types of salvias
by JOSH B FROM NEW JERSEY! July 02, 2004
a hallucinagen related to the herb sage.
it is usualy smoked in a small bowl and the smoke is sucked thru a straw
"james took a good wiff and was walkin on da ceelin and den josh was suckin it all in an insed of seein 3-D he was seein 8-D"
by joe December 01, 2003
a plant that you smoke and has a short effect, but makes you laugh so hard, feel like you're flying and you don't know what the hell you're talking about. So basically tripping balls.
Salvia man...some crazy ass shit !!
by domatic December 26, 2015
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