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1. Honorable people, many of Pipil ancestry, though for some reason many deny this.
2. A person that isn't to be fucked with, for they will kick your ass
3. The founding makers of one of the best foods ever: PUPUSAS.
4. Hard-working, brave, loving, and some of the toughest individuals you will ever encounter.
5. Person who doesn't take shit from anyone.
6. They know how to party and vacation, bishes!!!
7. Also known as Guanacos or Salvies.
8. are NOT all Salvatruchas. Get that straight.
1. Salvadorian people are way bomb-diggity!
2. That Salvadorian will kick yo' no-good, wasteful ass!
3. Damn, pupusas are fuckin' BOMB!
4. That person is such an enigma; must be a Salvy.
6. I'm in El Salvador, laying on a Mayan hammock, drinkin' agua de jealous!!
7. Salvy pride lil putos!
8. La Mara Salvatrucha are lil putos who are a disgrace to the country.
by MichieJo August 25, 2006
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